Who is dice from lala dating Guntur sex chat

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Who is dice from lala dating

In an upcoming episode, both La La and Dice shed tears while discussing Dice’s sexuality.But in reality, Dice has shown no ambiguity in regard to her sexual orientation. Also, a woman who wants to get to know me for me and not because of who my family is or because I’m on tv.”“My life is different now because when I go out people recognize me. I’m still the same person and I’m still a college student.

The Passions can’t say for sure but we certainly wouldn’t mind Ciara playing on #teamgirls for real!!!La La's Full Court Life chronicles the life of Alani Vasquez aka La La as she experiences married life with the professional basketball player Carmelo Anthony, evolving from being the fiancée of a basketball player to being a basketball wife and how she manages her life while keeping her career in check.For the most part, Candice “Dice” Dixon has been successful in keeping her life private – or as “private” as one can be – when co-starring on a hit reality TV show (“La La’s Full Court Life”). So, the first actual season that we filmed, I didn’t really talk too much about the relationship I was in at the time. I just wanted to keep my private life just that, private,” says Dice. Ultimately, she decided to come out to the world on an episode during a discussion with Kelly Rowland and her friend Po and received a massive amount of positive feedback and messages as a result.She didn’t wait on investors to believe in her, instead she utilized her own resources to run and fund her own dreams.“,” says Dice and she’s done just that – not only with using her own money to cover expenses – but also by picking people’s brains she knew and even using Google.

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Carmelo Anthony now at a crossroads professionally and personally She appeared above it all.