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Pl sql clob updating

When using Perl and the DBD:: Oracle module you are able to select LOBs, CLOBs, and BLOBs as a normal field. You will need to tell DBD that you are inserting a LOB, similar to this: While this seems trivial, if you ever put something like a frozen data structure (via the Freeze Thaw module) in a CLOB, you'll end up getting errors all over the place when you later try to thaw it if the frozen structure happens to have whitespace at the end.

Even stranger, if you declare a CLOB variable in the declaration section, and give it the value of :new. Having no time to linger on this issue I solved it by making use of a variable.I need to update this column's value for one row of table. I have tried googling, but this visibly simple stuff is not available in a simple language anywhere. If I use the normal update query syntax and paste the huge xml content inside the single quotes (the single quote in xml content replaced with 2 single quotes), then the sql developer just disables the execute query button. DECLARE v_bfile BFILE; v_clob CLOB; BEGIN v_bfile := BFILENAME (p_file_directory, p_file_name); IF DBMS_LOB. A LOB instance is always accessed and manipulated through a LOB locator.This is also true for return values: SQL functions and operators return a LOB locator when the return value is a LOB instance.

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