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In today's society, more than half of all marriages fail for various reasons.

Relationship would be dating site someone because black and internal external.

), I have my dream house and I earn a good living doing my dream job entertaining the rich and famous as a close up magician (…and yes I have a magic wand! I also run a businesses where I invent, manufacture and sell props and services to the entertainment industry.

I’m ambitious, very creative and I believe in good old fashion manners, something I find people often lack these days.

It appears that both British men and women have taken seamlessly to extramarital dating.

In a survey by Top Sante magazine – more than 25% of married women admitted to having an affair, compared with an estimated 18% of men. And the vast majority of members are also either in a relationship, married or separated.

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Doctors Dating is a niche online UK dating site for doctors, nurses and medical professionals throughout the UK.

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