Millionaries club dating

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Millionaries club dating

And why should a well-to-do woman ever have to settle for a man who isn't richer than she?

After all, the sole measure of a man's worth is his bank account, not his character. is bound to decrease ten percent just by sitting through five minutes of this garbage.

The Toronto “Meet & Greet” was an open house for anyone — rich or otherwise — but Noël was up front if an applicant wasn’t a match for her millionaires. But Noël will tell you it can be harder if you’re rich — really, really rich.

Her clients pay about ,500 for “date coaching,” and from ,000 to ,000 for a personalized search (like the Toronto open house event).

Irish by birth, and having made a fortune in hotels, she now divides her time between Cannes and London.

“Because these individuals that we’re looking for represent 1 per cent of the population, it’s really difficult to meet them.”And perhaps unsurprisingly, the men among these millionaires are “extremely difficult” in terms of what they want their potential matches to look like.“The men want a 10-10-10.

There are women who are filthy rich out there but have not found love.

If you are man who is capable of handling such women, there are specific dating websites you can join.

One 20-something “millionheiress” to a family fortune and two 40-something self-made millionaires looking for a perfect 10.

It’s a tall order for certified matchmaker Natacha Noël, who runs Montreal-based date-coaching and matchmaking service Absolute Bachelor Club.

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