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Jim Yarin Acton, MA I will be in Belarus in March, 2011, teaching in Minsk for two weeks.

In 1633 the city was besieged by the Cossaks of Bulgakov and Yermolin, in 1648 was captured by the Golovatskiy's Cossack detachment, in 1649 by Martyn Nebaba's detachment.

In 1535–1565 Homel is the centre of starostwo, from 1565 Homel is in the Rechytsa Powiat of the Minsk Voivodeship.

In 1560, the city's first coat of arms was introduced.

The explanatory information for the Belarus Revision lists has also been updated so it now included information about the Belarus Revision Lists dataset as well as this new dataset.

You can thank me for the many hours I put into this project by posting your success stories on Jewish Gen or contributing to the Indura Yizkor Book project on Jewish Gen.

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