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Marketers often expect programmatic buying to be 10 times cheaper than traditional means because they think only about the ad inventory itself and don't anticipate the surrounding expenses, he said. Programmatic ad tech involves not just the ad inventory at the end, but a trail of fees and costs along the way to pay for expensive engineers and traders, data-management platforms, research and development and more.

Clients are looking at their programmatic campaigns and asking why they cost so much, agreed Doug Ray, U. CEO and global president at the media agency Carat. It adds up to make programmatic buying more expensive than ordering print ad pages or TV commercials through insertion orders and other routine methods.

The new world ad tech summons images of tireless computers scouring for the customers that marketers need, using automated markets to snag them at the lowest rates and never larding the bill to cover an old-media sales-rep expense account.

And yes, ad tech does offer marketers nearly magical new powers.

Transfer Wise gives you the real rate, and tells you our fee up front.

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Chaz's saga is more than a tale of escalating bullying. S., thousands of students have been sexually assaulted, by other students, in high schools, junior highs and even elementary schools a hidden horror educators have long been warned not to ignore. From almost his first day at Brunswick Junior High, Chaz said kids harassed him. Three assailants eventually were convicted: one of aggravated rape, two for aggravated assault.

Make sure you can switch vendors -- and can keep your data if you do.Many worries about the future weigh on Brett as he works his way through a gambling addiction program.The 21-year-old's biggest worry after his release from the three-month program in California: encountering people, places and things that might trigger his urge to gamble.Then one day in 2012, his mom came home and found him curled up in her bed, rocking back and forth. Nyadley was given pre-trial diversion, while charges against Williams were dropped and those against Montgomery were dismissed by a judge.At least two lawsuits are pending against the Hamilton County Board of Education and school officials in the case.

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"Just whip out your phone and you're right there." Brett's gambling problem began a few years ago with bets on National Basketball Association games, followed by wagers on other professional sports.

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